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Post  Pocketst on Mon May 25, 2009 4:43 pm

Memorial Day is an American holiday where we recognize the sacrifice of the soildiers who protect and have protected our country. That day happens to be today. So if you serve in your countries armed forces or have stories of relatives that did I thought it would be cool if we shared them with each other. Since this is a global forum please no bashing of other peoples countries. Most veterans I know were just brave soiliers trying to follow orders and make it out alive.

I'll start. Smile

In WWII my grandfather flew as a turret gunner in bomber over France. If you see pictures of WWII bombers he was bottom gunner (the one on the bottom of the plane). On his second bombing run a german fighter got shot and crashed through the middle of his plane splitting the plane into two pieces. As the plane split in half he was on one side and his parashute was on the other. So he had to jump accross to the other half of the plane, grab his parashute and then put it on as he was falling.

He made it saftly to the ground where he was captured by the Germans and spent six months in a German POW camp until the war ended.

My grandfather died 3 years ago. A patriot and a hero to his country.

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